Our Evolving world, cyber-things and being human.

The world we are living today is a weird one! Have you looked around you these past days, months, years? There is one thing that has puzzled me! People have lost the correct usage of their necks. This proud, tall-standing part of our body fell victim to progress! The Smartphone! Everyone today walks (and drives!) with bent heads!! The thumb has been promoted as the most important part of the body!! 

Internet is finally available, everyone is connected. We have finally reached this era where connectivity has taken over. Everything and practically everywhere are connected. We can virtually be multiple places at the same time; we can be talking to numerous people from various countries at the same time and doing various things online at the same time! That is innovation and we love it! 

We call this new world the Cyber-Space! in extension, we can say that we live in a cyber-world now! How much time are we connected per day? Most of our time, we are hooked up with our ever-connected smart devices. It makes me wonder who is smarter, user, or equipment? My own reflection is that the dumb devices are becoming ‘smarter’ because people are growing dumber and dumber every day, relying on technology to do their thinking and calculations. Well, that’s only me, you might have a completely different opinion! Just test my theory by pausing and spelling out the phone numbers of your ten best friends, or of your closest relatives! Without looking at your phone contacts! Smart? We used to remember hundreds and thousands of information, and now, we rely on our ‘smart devices.’ They are so smart that they need to be connected or powered up, else we can’t access them. My mind and memory do not need power or connectivity, I can retrieve everything at any time (even while sleeping!), and the best is that it is not limited in space! 

With all this connectivity stuffs, in technology, we are NOT GETTING SAFER! Every time something new comes, we need to get safer, more secure, and the list goes on. Do you people remember the good all days where there were no computers? Do you remember the days where computers were there, but not everything was connected? We have progressed since then, but really, have we, as humans improved? It seems we have stressed!!! We work in Cyber (again!) Security! Our job is to provide advice, solutions, and services to get your Cyberspace more secure and more reliable. I have seen the rise of so many Cyber-Experts, they are like mushrooms, sprouting out from everywhere. Imagine the Cyberspace as a vast wild place hiding gold. The cyber-x-perts are digging, (mining) to make money out of it. It is time you realize that the Gold mine they will find might be your company! 

Don’t remain ignorant of what information technology is. Please, get educated, and be learned of the most important things – you don’t need to become a Geek! But you should know the basics; else you will fall prey to these cyber-gold-diggers! Don’t leave that out to your IT Guy, you are part of this cyber-space, this cyberworld, thing or whatever new buzz name we will be giving to it to make more money out of it !