CIDP (Centre International de Développement Pharmaceutique) is a private and independent CRO carrying out high-performance research and clinical activities for pharmaceutical, medical device, nutrition, and cosmetic industries. CIDP is ISO 9001:2015 certified. To allow agility and mobility to its operation, CIDP has started its Digital Transformation. The first step was to move to a cloud-based email platform.


As Head of IT, Patrick Hung’s task was to find the right Cloud Services and solutions that will meet CIDP requirements but also look into providing the necessary security to protect their critical data.


After a thorough review of the available E-Mail platforms, the choice was made to migrate to Office365. One of CIDP remote office was using an office365 account, and the review from them was very positive. The choice was made. 

The Second part of the project was not to find a solution provider who could make sure to assist CIDP in the migration but also to propose necessary skills and security needed to make this migration a success. Nettobe was invited to participate in this open bid. After much deliberation, the contract was awarded to Nettobe. The Solution proposed by Nettobe included the Office365 platform, but also the migration, configuration and complete Email Protection required to make Office365 reliable and secure.

The Technology proposed by Nettobe is the recommended security solution for Office365 and the choice was made. Nettobe was able to demonstrate knowledge about the Office365 infrastructure and the necessary migration paths and security required.