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80% of cyber-security attacks involve a weak or stolen password. 

Hello Readers! What an incredible moment while I’m writing my first article. Being in the information technology sector for more than ten years now, I have met a bunch of persons trying their very best to keep their company IT environment secure. All were having some different kinds of responsibilities towards the company network infrastructure, from newbies to more than experts. Passwords were and are still one of their major concerns; How and where to keep companies’ credentials secured. I want to share with you guys some tips on how to make your password more secure. Some of you may already be aware, but it is always good to have some updates and reminders! 

Have you tried to live your life without knowing your login credentials? Yes, it is possible! Many professionals have realized that to be secure; different passwords must be used on different websites. 

30% of security professionals have used or still use birthdays, addresses, pet names or children names for their work passwords—-all readily hackable! 

In too many cases, some people make use of one password everywhere; It is a high-security risk. If there is a data breach on a website, it makes this person’s company at risk automatically. An excellent way to overcome is to become a bit lazier, by using a password manager application. Now no need to remember a password like plZunlocKm3IR3a!!iN33DtoW0rk – Wow! Imagine you have hundreds of passwords like that, I would definitely recommend a password manager and most password manager software have features that help the users to generate their password more securely. You don’t need to remember the password anymore! In the industry, we say, “you are more secure when you don’t know your password.” 

Did you manage to read the password typed above? Keep calm; it is only an example. My advice, never write down your passwords, anyone can read or take a picture. So please, it is the worst thing to do! However, a good habit of having is that of changing your password frequently. Sometimes, hackers get hold of passwords database, and these can contain your old passwords! If you change your passwords regularly, you know that your account is still secured. 

Nowadays, as everyone is trying to ensure that the IT environment is secure, security professionals realize that double authentication (multi-factor authentication) is a must. What is this? It is a multi-layer verification mechanism after the initial login details have been inserted on a website, for example, Facebook. The site will confirm the authenticity of the owner of the account who is trying to access by sending a token (secondary password) via email, Short Message Service (SMS) to the owner’s mobile phone. 

Keep your password safe and safer will be your data! I hope you enjoyed the article as I did not want to be too technical! 

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