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When apps work together, your business works better.

Running a business is never a simple thing – from making sales and marketing to keeping track of finances while taking care of employees, providing support to customers and keeping low operating costs, only businesses with streamlined processes and innovating tools will be able to grow to the next level. 

With separate apps for different business functions, data has to be transferred and duplicated across platforms. Much effort is spent on making these applications “talk” together. Companies that don’t have a core, unified solution miss out on the big picture: sales, marketing, finance, HR and operations can “work as one” to enhance productivity, keep customers happy, surpass the competition and reap profits. 

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software has served this purpose in large multi-nationals and has long been thought as inaccessible for smaller organisations. Enter Zoho One, a visionary suite of 45+ cloud-based applications with advanced enterprise-class capabilities that can multiply the return of investment of businesses in an easy-to-use, all-in-one solution for every business size: solopreneur, start-up, mid-size, growing, and large companies. 

It is surprising that many small and medium-sized businesses still use spreadsheets for keeping track of client activities! Zoho CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software allows companies to keep track of interactions with prospective and existing customers across multiple channels (email, calls, website and social media) and identify which prospects to focus on and which deals are likely to seal. Workflows can automatically send out an email to printer buyers after a defined time to remind them of ink cartridge refills! A flower shop can easily send out emails on special occasions like customer birthdays or wedding anniversaries. CRM fully integrates with Books, the accounting app to update sales figures and forecasts in real-time. 

Businesses can now manage their social media presence like a champ with Zoho Social. Posts can be scheduled for times when their audience is most active. A business owner will appreciate the time gained by not needing to be online at odd hours, thus able to focus on priority tasks. Social activities (likes, mentions, retweets, comments, etc.) can be defined as lead qualifiers to automate lead generation directly in CRM. 

Many businesses require their employees to be on the move, and each Zoho app has a mobile version. Salespeople can update their figures on the go; a construction contractor can check on project progress, receive updates, and engage in discussions with each task’s dedicated team. 

As you can see, the number of integration scenarios is only limited by the business’ imagination, and Zoho One really is a license for business peace of mind.

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